What Happens If Humans Stopped Time?


What would happen if humans managed to stop time for one second? This question becomes very interesting to discuss, moreover, more superheroes can do it like Flash Man from Mega Man 2 or the famous Dr Strange from Marvel.

If you are really curious, we will discuss this further citing an article published by Discovery. Start by equating the perception of 'stopping time'. If you have the power to stop time, you probably won't be able to use it because you'll also freeze in place. Having said that, let's assume we mean 'stopping time for everything but you'.

As physicist Sean Carroll wrote in 'From Eternity to Here', to stop time, you have to account for every molecule of fluid and air inside and outside the body. If a person cannot move freely, then we can assume that the molecules within him must also stop. That is, the ability to stop time is almost impossible.

Julian Huguet an author of 'The Science of Empathy, Always Learning' also thinks this is a very difficult thing to do.

"Photons traveling at the speed of light have their own special rules," he said.

"They do not experience time or distance as far as they know; they are simply emitted and absorbed," he continued.

In Huguet's interpretation, this means that any photons that have been emitted by a light bulb, device screen, or sunlight will continue to move while the world around them stops. Chances are you'll still hear a moment of silence when time stops but this also depends on the light source around.

Okay, if stopping time is too hard, how about you slow down time? Can?

Unfortunately that probably doesn't work either. When you slow down electromagnetic (light) and pressure (sound) waves, you get waves of lower frequency.

What happens to sound at lower frequencies? The tone drops, in this case to a frequency that is probably below the range of human hearing. Light at lower frequencies shifts and travels to the longer end of the electromagnetic spectrum, down to the infrared, microwave, and radio waves. If you manage to slow down time, chances are it will also not be seen and realized by yourself.

In conclusion, if a person has the ability to stop time, it means he has one of the superpowers in the high and 'dangerous' category. Similar to reading minds and turning everything you touch into gold, it's almost impossible. Hmm, in that case, what Dr Strange did was already a god level ability.

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