What a shame! Buy iPhone Online, you can even get a chocolate bar


A man in England named Daniel Carroll bought the latest iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, online. But unfortunately in the package box, he didn't get a cell phone, but two Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo 120g chocolate bars wrapped in toilet paper.

It is known that Carroll ordered the iPhone 13 Pro Max through Apple's official website on December 2, 2021.

However, from the date of order to two weeks he has not received the package. He also went directly to the DHL Warehouse in West Yorkshire, where he could see the condition of the package that had changed from its original form.

Where the adhesive on the top of the package looks like it's just been re-glued and doesn't match the adhesive it should be. This raises suspicion in Daniel.

"When I got home I knew the box had been tampered with because the tape was quite loose, but because I felt a weight, I opened it. It had cheap toilet paper that smelled and had two Dairy Milk Oreos in it," he added. .

Through his Twitter account, he expressed his anger and disappointment which was directly addressed to DHL's Twitter account to ask for accountability other than the long delivery, of course asking for compensation.

"After such a long week for a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max trapped in the DHL Parcel UK network, failing to ship Friday to Sunday, I finally picked up my own package yesterday from DHL and found that my iPhone package was replaced with this," wrote Daniel via a post on his Twitter account.

He also shared photos of the appearance of the package he received, what made him furious was that the chocolate was wrapped in toilet paper with an unpleasant smell.

Reported by us from Gizmochina, Thursday (12/30/2021) Until now, Caroll has not received compensation for the loss of her iPhone 13 Pro Max even after repeatedly contacting customer service.

Meanwhile, a DHL spokesperson stated that they are investigating the case and have contacted the shipper to ensure a replacement.

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