This is the reason Mobile Legends is so popular!

 In recent years, the esports ecosystem has grown rapidly. A series of competitions have also been presented by developers and publishers, in order to attract interest from the community. Like what Moonton did, to bring Mobile Legends to life, all over the world.

Their efforts proved to be a great success. Since its release in 2016, Mobile Legends has become a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game for mobile, which has succeeded in attracting the interest of gamers in the country.

Various tournaments were born, both nationally and internationally. Moonton alone has held national competitive events eight times, of which Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 8 is the newest.

His success is not only in terms of players, from the competition titles they have presented, being able to beat other major esports tournaments. Even recently, through the Esports Charts site, they revealed the 10 most watched esports tournaments, including Mobile Legends in it.

Through an international competition, namely the M3 Mobile Legends World Championship, this moba game took the fourth position. Where managed to collect 3.19 million Peak Viewers.

Then M2 Mobile Legends World Championship is in fifth place. By winning an audience of up to 3 million Peak Viewers. Followed by MPL ID Season 8 in 8th place and MLBB Southeast Asia Cup in 9th place. So it can be said that the popularity of Mobile Legends dominates the list of the 10 most popular esports tournaments in the world.

This is also the reason why many streamers choose the game made by Moonton to play. In addition to the gameplay offered is quite exciting, there are also a lot of fans in Indonesia. So that it is a good opportunity to be able to take the audience from the connoisseurs of Mobile Legends in the country.

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