10 Most Popular Games in the World During 2021 on Twitter

 Twitter has revealed a list of the most popular games for 2021. However, its rating is not based on the number of players playing the title, but on the users who frequently discuss it on their platform.

"The growing conversation about gaming on Twitter shows the growing public interest in the latest line-up of games, esports teams, and well-known figures in the gaming industry on Twitter," said Maurizio Barbieri, Head of Sports & Gaming Partnerships for SEA and Greater China. in twitter.

In total, there are 10 games that are most frequently discussed by gamers on Twitter, in the information we received, Friday (14/1/2022). Where the first rank was filled by Genshin Impact, which was trending with more than 450 thousand tweets. For the complete list, let's see below.

10 Most Popular Games on Twitter

Genshin Impact

Apex Legends

Ensemble Stars!

Final Fantasy

Fate/Grand Order

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Knives Out


Project Sekai Fortnite

According to Barbieri, Twitter has become a place to connect the gaming community and brands. Where to continue to share the latest information about, what is popular in the industry through their social media conversations.

From the data presented, there were more than 2.4 billion tweets about gaming in 2021. The number itself has increased dramatically by 14%, year on year and is 10 times bigger than 2017.

They also said that the discussion about gaming reached its peak in the fourth quarter of 2021. Indonesia itself became a country that contributed to this, in seventh place to be exact. While the first place is Japan, followed by the United States and third is South Korea.

10 Countries Most Talking About Gaming


United States of America

South Korea





great Britain



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