After the COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Can I Drink Ice and Coconut Water?


Is it okay to drink ice and coconut water after the COVID-19 booster vaccine is finished? This question is just one of the many concerns that are often asked after taking the COVID-19 booster vaccine. Here's the explanation.

After the vaccine you can drink ice. This will not have a harmful impact on the effectiveness of vaccines, including the COVID-19 booster vaccine.

The World Health Organization WHO, through its official website, has explained that no certain food or drink is prohibited after vaccination, in this case especially the COVID-19 vaccine.

WHO confirms this, because vaccine performance will not be affected by food or drink intake. So, as long as the body feels fit, feel free to eat cold food or drinks.

Likewise with coconut water. There is information circulating that drinking coconut water after vaccination can help reduce Post Immunization Adverse Events (AEFI). Quoted from the website, a statement that says coconut water can neutralize vaccines is a false claim.

The COVID-19 vaccine is non-toxic. This is because the virus in the vaccine has been turned off and can stimulate the formation of antibodies.

In addition, the vaccine and coconut water will not be related, this is because the vaccine is injected so that it enters the arm muscles while coconut water will enter the stomach.

The COVID-19 vaccine is non-toxic so it doesn't need to be neutralized.

The contents of the COVID-19 vaccine are an inactivated virus, aluminum hydroxide to increase the vaccine's ability, phosphate as a stabilizer, and sodium chloride as an isotonic. From this it can be seen that there is no toxic content that needs to be neutralized or worried as stated in the circulating claims.

There is no research evidence that proves coconut water can neutralize toxins.

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