15 Offline Games on Android and Iphone You Can Try


If given a choice, which one do you like the most between online and offline games? The answer definitely varies for each gamer. This is because each game has its own fans.

Apart from the two types, there is nothing wrong if you only like one of them. It's just that this time, we want to share a summary regarding the list of offline games on Android and Iphone, compiled from various sources, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

The goal is to provide an alternative for those of you, who are looking for a simple but still fun single player game. Let's look at the description.

15 Offline Games on Android and Iphone:

1. Evertale

Evertale is the first game to be recommended. Having the concept of a Role Playing Game (RPG), players will dive into an amazing fantasy world filled with mysterious monsters.

Many places to explore, such as mystical dungeons with various challenges. Gather other warriors and join the battle against terrible enemies.

2. Hungry Shark World

Playing adventure games using tough, strong and highly skilled knights, seems to have become commonplace. But what if you were asked to play a fish?

In Hungry Shark World, players take on the role of a shark that destroys life in the sea. It's quite simple, you just need to eat the fish that roam and avoid all the mines.

3. Temple Run 2

Actually this is an old game that is already very popular. If gamers are more popular with Despicable Me: Minion Rush, more or less the game mechanics brought by the developer are similar.

Just run while collecting coffers of coins along the way. Then make sure you don't hit or get hit by all kinds of traps in it.

4. Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey itself is a continuation of the game Alto's Adventure. For casual game connoisseurs, this is very suitable to play. Because it is quite simple when played.

Just follow the journey of Alto and his friends sliding in the desert. Do not escape collecting points to reach the intended destination. In terms of gameplay and visuals, both carry a minimalist concept.

5. Monument Valley 2

Comes with a new adventure, Monument Valley 2 is a sequel to the original series that launched in 2014. Players will take on the role of Ro, who must guide his son to solve puzzles and manipulate architecture.

Simple and colorful, the visuals presented by the developer are quite pleasing to the eye. Gamers only need to reach into their pockets worth Rp. 75 thousand.

6. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc is a strategy game worth trying by gamers. Where the initial task, requires the player to create a virus to destroy the human population.

It's really scary what it means. But this free game can entertain you, with all the concepts offered by the developer.

7. Steppy Pants

Relaxed, but emotionally draining, maybe the two words that best describe Steppy Pants. That being said, the game isn't very complex. It's just enough to practice patience.

Simply put, this is a walking simulator game. However, don't expect it to be easy. Because of the way the main character moves, it's really not like in general.

8. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an offline game for Android and Iphone, which is simple and addictive. Previously in Hungry Shark World, players took on the role of a shark. Well it's different here, because you become a chicken.

Not told to eat or lay eggs, but to cross the highway. But it is not easy, because the obstacles come through various passing vehicles. Try not to get hit and advance to the finish line.

9. Ethernium

Eternium is an action RPG game, which can be played offline without internet. Gamers have the opportunity to explore, from running around, casting magic, killing bad people, exploring ruins.

No need to worry, about the storyline, it has also been inserted well by the developer. You can directly download it for free on the Google Play Store or App Store.

10. Pocket City

You could say Pocket City is similar to Sim City. His task must be to build roads, construct buildings and much more. All that is needed, in an effort by gamers to build a dream city.

When playing, make sure everything is balanced, so you can earn money, level up, get more buildings and land. Although it is available for free, it's just that if you want to enjoy sandbox mode, you have to be willing to buy the premium.

11. Quizoid

Feeling smart? Let's test your skills on Quizoid. At least there are up to 7,000 questions that you can answer, offline and free of course.

Developers have prepared all the quiz themes, ranging from arts and entertainment, food, drink, general knowledge, technology and engineering, science, sports and leisure, history, mythology and quirks. It offers not only facts, but also funny and curious knowledge.

12. Limbo

Limbo was very popular when one of the famous game Youtubers from Indonesia played it. Now it can be enjoyed on mobile, with a small price to pay.

Not expensive, only IDR 67 thousand. Then gamers can enjoy the adventures of a boy in the middle of a dark forest, through a black and white visual concept that adds a gripping feel.

13. Ace Commando

Ace Commando inserts the genre of war and strategy, with a third-person perspective. There are dozens of levels presented and of course can be played without being connected to the internet.

Although the visuals are not too special, they are quite fun and worth trying. Plus it's available for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

14. Stardew Valley

Next up is Stardew Valley. Farming games like Harvest Moon. Expanding from PC, the gameplay it brings has not changed when it comes to the mobile platform.

Players can take care of gardens and farms. Including interacting with other city residents. Curious to play it? Don't forget to prepare Rp. 70 thousand.

15. Old Man's Journey

The last Android and Iphone offline game, Old Man's Journey, tells the story of the main character's journey around the world. The game mechanics are a bit limited. But it can still bring players closer to the story.

This game has won four awards, ranging from the Google Play Award (USA), Emotional Game Award (France), Innovation Award (Brazil) and Best Art Award (Japan). The narrative brought by the developers is quite strong and emotional.

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