Sophisticated, This Raspberry Pi Can Detect Malware Using Electromagnets

 Typically, antivirus software uses machine learning algorithms and a constantly updated malware database to detect malware from computers.

This kind of system has a weakness, namely if there is new malware or virus that has never been detected, it will certainly pass through the filter. That's why researchers at the Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems are now researching a new way to detect malware

It is called a new method because this system no longer relies on solutions from the software side, but from hardware, as quoted by Techspot, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

The system created by the research team uses electromagnetic waves to detect malicious software, even if the object is obscured. They also believe that this tool is quite accurate, at least in some initial testing.

The way it works is this, the Rapsberry Pi is connected to the device you want to scan, the interface uses an H-filed probe and an oscilloscope. The probe is used to detect magnetic waves emitted from the scanned device, then these waves are visualized through an oscilloscope for examination.

According to the research team, each malware will give off a different electromagnetic wave. However, because currently almost all goods emit similar waves, of course the detection will be difficult.

So this malware detector Raspi must continue to be trained with various kinds of malware to improve its accuracy, as well as to reduce the possibility of false positives.

In their experiments, Raspi was able to predict three types of generic malware and a harmless (only annoying) malware with about 99.82% accuracy.

They also said that Raspi can still detect malware even though the malware uses various obfuscation techniques on the software side, because this device does not depend on software, but hardware.

Keep in mind, this research is still in its early stages and obviously won't be available to the public any time soon. But the potential is quite good, because (supposedly) it will be difficult for malware authors to hide their malware from this malware sniffer Raspi.

In the future, this malware sniffer may function better if it is combined with antimalware software, namely as an early detector and then providing a kind of notification to antimalware or antivirus software to be more alert.

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