60 Cool PUBG Mobile Nickname Ideas For Men and Women 2022


Players are often confused in determining a cool nickname for their PUBG Mobile account. Are you one of them? If yes, then there is good news, because we have compiled it as a reference that can be used.

This is indeed a trivial activity, but in fact many gamers are confused just because it determines a name. This is often hampered, by some players who have used it first. So it can no longer be used.

To simplify the process of selecting the PUBG Mobile 2022 nickname, here are our search results from various sources that you can use, Friday (7/1/2021).

Nickname PUBG Mobile 2022


Optimal Aces

Dark Knight

Initial Thugs

Mighty Raju

Dragon Driller

Mighty Monster


Knuckle Duster

Local Back Stabber

The Escapists

Attacking Avengers

Organic Punks

Bloss Flop

Terrific Tornado

Tango Boss

Happy Killing

Mighty Mafia

Greasy Desperado

Accurate Arrow

Kill Spree

Dancing Madman

Abnormal Vigor

Plain Privilege

Gabriel Groomer

Walking Pegasus

Killer Romeo

Walk Alone Bravely



Selfish Soldiers

Abnormal Vigor

Annoyed Power


Best Bluster

Brute Fact

Walking Pegasus

Dead Deal


Faulty Devils

Straight Gangsters


Lady Fantastic

Wildcat Talent

Pink Nightmare

Troubled Chick

Mafia Princess

Saturn Extreme

Dexterous Queen

Tequilla Sunrise

Princess Pickney

Dangerous Damsel

Ancient Ambrosia

Curious Caroline

Crazy Cinderella

Titanium Ladybug

Canary Apple Red

Auspicious Olivia

Little Drunk Girl

Marshmallow Treat

Girls of Neptune

Princess of PUBG

How to Change PUBG Mobile Nickname

Open the PUBG Mobile application on the cellphone.

Enter the Shop at the top right of the Lobby.

Select Treasures. Then scroll down until you find the Rename Card item. Buy with 180 UC.

Then return to the Lobby and enter Inventory.

Select the box icon below the emote and use the Rename Card earlier.

A pop up will appear to enter a new player name. Enter one of the PUBG Mobile nicknames above and press ok.


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