61 Seconds Video Similar to Nagita Slavina, Beware of Deepfakes Real Threats


Many were surprised by the 61-second video similar to Nagita Slavina. Some believe that the video is evidence of an increasingly rampant deepfake. This has also been denied by Raffi Ahmad as the husband. Nagita Slavina also once admitted that she never recorded her personal activities.

"Now using deepfake apps, it's not clear whether it's original or edited," wrote one netizen.

Even when asked for information, the police said the video that had been investigated turned out to be the result of editing.

"The results of coordination with the Cyber ​​Police of the Metro Jaya Police are fake aliases, the results of editing," said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Central Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Wisnu Wardhana when confirmed, Monday (17/1).

Actually, what is a deepfake that is alleged to be a technique used to spread rumors about a 61-second video similar to Nagita Slavina or Gigi?

Deepfake technology can transform faces in people's videos into other people's faces, as quoted from Al Jazeera. In the Al Jazeera video, an example of one of the video edits with the face of Facebook founder Mack Zuckerberg talking. In fact, it is not a video from Mark Zuckerberg.

Hao Lin, a Data Scientist, expressed his concern about deepfakes because they can make very realistic videos of people. In fact, it can 'say' something that the target person has never said.

"When there is an election, it can be very, very dangerous. It can change what they say. What's scary is that people will share the video and say 'Hey, I saw this video and he said that'," said Hao.

Deepfake became widely known after the widespread use of the MyHeritage application. This application was crowded after people flocked to use this technology to animate faces in photos of deceased relatives.

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