Astronaut-Cosmonaut Moment Celebrating New Year 2022

 The space explorers who served on the International Space Station (ISS), both astronauts and cosmonauts, celebrated the moment of the turn of the new year 2022.

Of course the celebration was not decorated with a fireworks display, considering that they served on the ISS which orbits the Earth at a high speed of up to 28,000 km / per hour at an altitude of 418 km above the Earth.

With that speed, the ISS crew experienced 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets.

In addition to their work as astronauts and cosmonauts, they briefly gathered together to celebrate the moment of a new change accompanied by prayers and hopes in 2022.

The moment was shared by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Josef Maurer on his Twitter account @astro_matthias.

It can be seen that when they talk to each other while eating a specially packaged meal, the items around them float around.

Just in time for New Year's Eve & the next big dinner for many, here's a little time-lapse of the special Saarland dinner we enjoyed aboard the @Space_Station I wish you all a happy new year & all the best for 2022! Cosmic greetings & #CosmicKisses. See you all next year!🎆

— Matthias Maurer (@astro_matthias) December 31, 2021

Meanwhile, NASA astronaut Thomas H. Marsburn shared stunning photos from the corner of the ISS.

"Having the privilege of seeing so many perspectives from outer space. We can go from one side of (Earth) to the other in just a few minutes and it really creates gives us a feeling of unity for all people around the world," he said.

The moon watches over the first glow of sunrise as we fly towards the International Dateline, which starts January 1, 2022 for the Earth. Happy New Year from the @Space_Station.

— Thomas H. Marshburn (@AstroMarshburn) December 31, 2021

Elsewhere in Earth's orbit, there are three members of China's Shenzou 13 mission, namely Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, Ye Guangfu. China is building the Tiangong space station, which is expected to be completed in 2022.

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