spooky! Humans Can Be Cannibals If Living on Mars


Building a human colony on Mars or for example on Saturn's moon Titan, which contains a lot of water, is clearly a difficult matter. In fact, it is possible that humans there can become cannibals and eat each other. Why is that?

Charles Cockell, professor of biology at Edinburgh University, Scotland, said the colony would need to grow plants to eat. So if the farming system fails and there is no food available, the consequences can be dire.

If the farm was fruitless and supplies from Earth were too late, maybe they would do anything to eat including cannibals. This has happened on Earth, for example, Sir John Franklin's exploration of the Arctic in 1845.

"Franklin's crew tried to explore it by ship in the late 19th century, they lost the most advanced technology available at that time. They had canned food, new technology at the time, but they got stranded and ended up becoming cannibals," he explained.

"If you put a group of people in space and something goes wrong, the crops are damaged, they'll eat each other if there's no other way to survive," he argued.

It is indeed very scary but at the same time can be a warning. So later if it is true that humans live in outer space like on Mars, it must be ensured that there is adequate food and a good system and there is a backup plan in case something unexpected happens.

"If you're going to throw 20 people thousands of kilometers away from Earth in a violent environment, you have to make sure everything goes well or it will all collapse," he said.

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