Avaro Brings Smart Bulbs and Plugs, Prices Don't Make You Grieve

 Avaro has released a new range of IoT products, from light bulbs to smart plugs. Interestingly, the price of the device is promised not to make you wince.

Hopefully Avaro's new device can be connected to applications that can be downloaded on the App Store or Play Store. As a result, users can easily control from anywhere and anytime.

"Connected with the AVARO application on a smartphone, all of these devices can be controlled easily through one application, making it an integrated product ecosystem," said Gunadi, Sales Manager of Avaro in his official statement.

Avaro WiFi Smart LED

This Avaro WiFi Smart LED can be installed in a standard E27 light socket, and can be connected directly via a home WiFi connection. This smart bulb is capable of displaying 16 million RGB colors and can interact with other smart devices in the house through the Avaro application.

Through this mobile application, consumers can adjust the on/off position of the lights, color choices, light/dim levels to color temperature levels using voice commands integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can even set when the lights turn on or off based on a more specific time.

Avaro Smart Plug

Avaro Smart Plug is an electrical plug that can be controlled via a home WiFi network. Its main function is to monitor electricity usage and save electricity consumption at home more intelligently.

This device has an AC input voltage specification of 100-240V, working temp at minus 20 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the maximum load current for this Smart Plug is 16A, and it supports 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Installing the Avaro Smart Plug itself can be done quite easily, quickly and can be directly connected to the Avaro application on a smartphone. The control function via the application can also be a schedule, so that any connected device can be set when to turn on and off.

Of course, this smart plug integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which can be used easily.

Avaro IP Camera

This IP Camera has a 2MP CMOS color 1/2.9" lens with FHD resolution and a focal length of 3.6mm. This lens is able to reach a fairly wide surveillance area of ​​135 degrees and can rotate up to 355 degrees.

Support for Full HD 1080p resolution on the AVARO IP Camera allows consumers to see the details they want with clearer image quality. The Avaro IP Camera itself can function optimally both during the day and at night with any air conditions, both hot and cold.

The Two-Way Audio feature is supported by the presence of a built-in mic and speaker. Not only that, the Avaro IP Camera is also equipped with Motion Detection with a range of up to 8 meters. Another advantage, this IP Camera also includes a Night Visibility feature at a distance

up to 10 meters.

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