The Moment Steve Jobs Introduced the First iPhone 15 Years Ago


15 years ago, on January 9, 2007, Apple released the first generation iPhone at the Macworld Expo, San Francisco, California.

According to Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO at the time, a smartphone is a mobile device that can access the internet and email.

However, according to Jobs, the existing devices were difficult to use. That's what Apple is trying to change with the iPhone.

This is what Jobs promised could be done via the iPhone.

Jobs demonstrated the use of the iPhone to the audience.

He received a standing ovation when demonstrating scrolling on the screen to search for contacts on the iPhone.

Apple is still 'peace' with Google, and brought Google CEO at the time Eric Schmidt. Because the iPhone uses Google Maps for digital maps.

This was the price of the cheapest iPhone variant at that time, which was USD 499 for the variant with 499 storage. For comparison, currently the cheapest iPhone price is USD 729 for the iPhone 13 Mini.

While the cheapest iPhone variant that is still being sold by iPhone is the iPhone SE 2020 at a price of USD 399, aka cheaper than the price of the iPhone 1 when it was first released.

Jobs showed off the first generation iPhone.

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