Can Black Hole Make Us Move Time and Space?


Can black holes make us move from place to time? Is it true that he is a passageway to another dimension? Recent studies try to uncover it.

Black holes are a complicated thing. Because of that, blackholes really open eyes to the limitations of human knowledge. Launching Science Alert, Monday (10/1/2022) there are several ideas about theories related to black holes, including the idea that black holes are wormholes.

A wormhole is a hypothetical construct that is very popular in science fiction. Wormholes are described as proposed connections to two distinct points in space-time, but there is no evidence yet that they actually exist.

A different theory instead sees black holes as 'fur balls'. It is said that black holes are messy and emit energy. Black holes, in this view are considered objects of fibrous and complex structures.

"What we found from string theory is that all the mass of the black hole is not sucked into its center," Professor Samir Mathur of Ohio State University explained in a statement.

"The black hole tries to squeeze things into a point, but then the particles stretch into these strings, and the strings start to stretch and expand and become a ball of fluff that expands to fill the entire black hole."

Professor Mathur, who among other things, put forward the idea of ​​black holes as featherballs 18 years ago, tested the featherball hypothesis and the wormhole paradigm. He then published a paper in the Turkish Journal of Physics with his colleagues and concluded that the wormhole approach seemed unjustified.

"In every version that has been proposed for the wormhole approach, we find that the physics are inconsistent," Mathur said.

Even so, the theory about the truth of black holes is still a mystery. No one has been able to confirm what the related facts are. You could say, right now only God knows.

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