CES 2022: Dell Unveils Concept Flow, for Sophisticated Office Work

 In an effort to provide convenience and comfort when working, Dell Technologies revealed a new system. Along with the Luna Concept, three other concepts are Concept Flow, Concept Pari and Concept Stanza.

"Concept Flow is a concept that we try to express the experience of a workspace, whose activities are fully wireless. We have wireless charging connectivity and intelligent software," said Drew Tosh, Design Strategy, Experience Innovation Group (EIG) in a statement at Dell. Technologies CES Preview Webinar, quoted by us, Friday (7/1/2022).

Tosh then continued his explanation regarding the Concept Stanza, which is a companion device for the PC, to make writing or note-taking needs more efficient. According to him, users can even use the available digital pen to copy and retrieve things from their PC.

Finally there is the Concept Pari, which is a simple wireless web camera that can be moved with innovative features. The goal, to help deliver virtual collaboration experiences, is more natural and intuitive.

"The difference between Pari and the others is that I can take the camera from where it was originally installed, then place it on the screen without interrupting the conversation. In addition, I can also move it to a place that allows us, showing an object or sketch on the tablet. The other person can see it too. easily," said Tosh.

In addition to these three concepts, there is the Luna Concept, which is offered by Dell Technologies, in an effort to reduce electronic waste. This in turn, can push their entire legacy product, so that it can be reused by people and recycle it after a few uses.

"Essentially we're trying to design a system, to update old devices and bring them to the latest products," said Tosh.

He also said that with the team, Dell Technologies developed a device that is easy to disassemble when repaired. Starting from removing the keyboard, monitor or important components in it. Including the ease of re-installing.

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