Chef Arnold's Story Buys Ghozali's NFT, At First Thought It's Funny

 Ghozali's selfie which was sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) shocked the virtual world because it was sold at an insane price and immediately skyrocketed. One of the people who bought this unique digital asset is Chef Arnold Poernomo.

In an interview with us, Chef Arnold said he bought almost 30 NFT Ghozali which were sold through the OpenSea marketplace. When purchased by Chef Arnold, the price set by Ghozali for his work was 0.001 Ethereum or around IDR 47 thousand.

Chef Arnold admitted that he initially learned about Ghozali's NFT work from a community group of NFT and crypto activists that he joined. At first he thought that the NFT with the photo of Ghozali's face was just a meme and a joke.

"We talked in a group of friends, I joked, 'Do you want to know what's hot in NFT Indonesia?' I said please don't bring jokes here, please don't really share it," said Chef Arnold when contacted, Thursday (13/1/2022).

"I said yes, let's just buy it, let's just consider this a donation to Ghozali. I bought almost 30," he added.

So excited to see Ghozali's success, Chef Arnold and friends in his community even compared him to one of NFT's icons, Beeple. For those who are not familiar, Beeple is an artist who recently sold his photo collage as NFT for USD 69 million or around Rp. 987 billion.

Chef Arnold said he had spoken to Ghozali directly and revealed that the 22-year-old man is currently studying animation at a university in Semarang and is in the process of completing his thesis. We have also tried to contact Ghozali but have not received a response at this time.

When he bought Ghozali's NFT, Chef Arnold hoped that the money could be used to help him complete his thesis. The Indonesian Master Chef jury even offered his assistance to develop Ghozali's NFT business.

"We want to help Ghozali because he is actually still new, still learning too. If he wants to create and build his community for people to learn NFT, they must play safe because in NFT, blockchain is full of scams, many people steal money," explained Chef Arnold.

"We want to create a community on Discord. Later we will build a DAO (decentralized anonymous organization) so that he can reinvest and return to the community. It's a shame if you make NFT, you already have a name, but if you don't continue, "he concluded.

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