Careful! Roblox & Sakura School Simulator Inserted Sex Scene


Parents should be wary. Roblox and Sakura School Simulator games contain sexual scenes in them.

A simple hope when giving children access to play video games, namely so that they have alternative entertainment digitally or visually. But what if the content in it, tucked into a very distorted scene?

As present in these two Android games, namely Roblox and Sakura School Simulator. Although the developer does not present it clearly, it's just that some players can do indecent things such as sexual scenes.

Previously, please note, that Roblox itself recommends ages 7 years and over if you want to play it. Meanwhile, Sakura School Simulator is specifically for players 18 years and over. Even so, it is possible for children to keep playing it.

Let's review a little, about what we have found from various sources, Wednesday (13/1/2022). Where is the scene or sexual harassment that occurs in both games.

Roblox was launched by Roblox Corporation in September 2006. This game provides a variety of game modes in it. The interesting thing is, each category is the result of gamer creativity through developer features. Players can create their own gaming experience.

But unfortunately, there are categories that have content that is not suitable for children. There is such a thing as Brookhaven Roblox. It turns out that in it, gamers can perform an indecent act to display.

As discovered by Youtuber named Olympus Stuff, he caught two players with different characters, namely a woman and a man, who were about to engage in intimate acts. Also, Dopestudioz, shared his experience exploring lewd places in Roblox.

Where full of deviant scenes and sexual harassment in it. According to netizens' comments, this mode is called condo games. If you want to join, you have to find the group of players that are shared via Discord.

Little information has previously been revealed in the case of an 11-year-old boy in Somerset, England, being targeted by sex predators on Roblox. The perpetrator launched the action, by contacting the child through the online conversation feature in the game.

Another case was experienced by Australian mother, Peggy, who revealed that her beloved six-year-old daughter was invited to a sex room while playing. Shows a group of avatars or players engaging in an explicit sex act.

This game was launched by Garusoft Development Inc. Players can enjoy it on both Android and iOS. This game tells about the life of Japanese schoolchildren. Then you will be asked to play a student at Sakura High School.

Visuals and cheerful color choices have more value in the eyes of children. So that it can attract their interest to play it immediately. However, it turns out there is a fact that is quite surprising.

This was revealed from a short 56 second video on Sakura's Youtube channel. Showing male and female sexual scenes, in a bedroom. There is even a Youtuber named San Gaming, giving a tutorial on how to kiss or have sex in the Sakura School Simulator game.

Sakura School Simulator is intended for players aged 18 years and over. But the possibilities are huge, for children to be able to download, play and find various things they don't deserve in it.

For parents, be careful. Let's check again what games are on their children's cellphones. Make sure they are not exposed to sexual content at an early age.

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