Dell Introduces Concept Luna at CES 2022, Efforts to Reduce Electronic Waste


Drew Tosh, Design Strategy, Experience Innovation Group (EIG), explains a new concept brought by Dell Technologies. Entitled Concept Luna, he conveyed how this could later encourage all of his old products, to be reused by people and recycle them after several uses.

"Essentially we are trying to design a system, to update old devices and bring them to the latest products," Tosh said at the Dell Technologies CES Preview event.

He said that together with the team developed a device that is easy to disassemble when repaired. Starting from removing the keyboard, monitor or important components in it. Including the ease of putting it back together.

"With the increasing climate crisis, e-waste and resource constraints, Dell is pushing to deliver maximum reuse. This includes drastically reducing the carbon footprint of Dell products," said Glen Robson, Chief Technology Officer, Client Solutions Group. .

Tosh also added an explanation regarding the data obtained from the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), where the components in the device are very important, which can cause carbon impacts. Therefore, they are really focused on how to reduce the size of the motherboard.

"We are reducing 75% of the motherboard size. We hope this can be done soon for our main product. Because it is still a concept, we can only do it in a simple way to expand the long-term impact," said Tosh.

Concept Luna itself is a proof of concept, which was developed together with Intel. Then explore the latest design ideas, to make various PC components can be quickly obtained, replaced and reused.

This means reducing resources and ensuring there are more circulating materials that can be used. In fact, this concept tests what materials are possible and impossible to produce and sell.

"With growing concerns about the climate crisis, e-waste and resource constraints, our question is how we can encourage reuse and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Dell products," said Robson.

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