Exynos 2200 Released January 11th, What's the Performance Like?


Samsung finally confirmed that its latest SoC is called Exynos 2200 and will be released on January 11.

They also confirmed that the SoC will use a GPU that uses AMD's RDNA 2 architecture. The same architecture is also used in the AMD RX 6000 line of graphics cards and of course the Xbox Series X and PS5.

But of course the use of the same architecture will not necessarily make the GPU performance on the Exynos 2200 equal to the latest gaming PC or console, as quoted by The Verge, Sunday (2/1/2022).

Moreover, several leaks that appeared earlier said that the SoC's performance might be disappointing. According to Ahmed Qwaider via the @AhmedQwaider888 account, the CPU performance in the SoC will be disappointing for a flagship SoC.

According to him, the increase in CPU performance of the Exynos 2200 compared to the 2100 is only 5%, and the increase in the GPU sector is 17%. The increase is lower than the Exynos 990's performance increase to 2100, which increased by 30% for the CPU and 40% for the GPU.

But of course the performance of a SoC is not only determined by the CPU and GPU, because there are other aspects that are also important. For example, Google Tensor used in Pixel 6, its CPU performance is average but has high AI and machine learning performance, so it can make some phone features faster, such as its photo processing capabilities.

AI and machine learning in Tensor also make features such as Magic Eraser, Live Translation, Face Unblur, and so on to function very fast, and don't burden the CPU or GPU.

Likewise with the Exynos 2200, which is said to have an NPU with an 117% increase in the artificial intelligence sector. This may make the photographic experience on the chip better, as in the case of computational photography.

But what's interesting to wait for is how the actual GPU performance in the Exynos 2200, which was worked on by AMD. As is known, in the PC realm, AMD certainly has a very capable CPU and GPU, but they are practically inexperienced in the mobile realm.

This Exynos 2200 (supposedly) will be used in the latest Galaxy S line, namely the Galaxy S22 (and its various variants), which is likely to be released on February 25, as quoted by us from Phone Arena Thursday (30/12/2021).

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