Tips for saving laptop batteries to be strong and durable when traveling


Even though the holidays have arrived, the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered our various activities. As a result, the best choice is to only be able to enjoy a few activities at home.

What if we really have to go? To the grandmother's house or a relative from the father's family, for example. Plus there should be less errands or work to complete.

The best way is to take a laptop with you when you go. Even so, concerns often arise, for fear that the battery power owned by the device is not strong enough to last long. So how to solve it?

As we received information from Dell Technologies, Sunday (2/2/2022), there are some simple steps you can follow, to make laptop batteries last longer while traveling. Let's look at the following brief explanation.

Laptop Battery Saving Tips

Make sure you turn off the laptop before putting it in a bag or other storage area.

When going to the charging process, always use the laptop's built-in AC adapter. Do not use items related to third parties.

Lower the screen light level to make it dimmer.

Close any applications or other software that you are not using. Don't let it run, even though you're not operating it.

Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. If the laptop is exposed to excessive cold or heat, let the laptop reach a normal temperature first. So don't use it right away.

With these super simple tips, you can use your laptop more calmly during your trip. Then for ineters who want to replace a new laptop by buying it online, there are several things that must be considered.

Plus at the end and beginning of the year, there are many interesting promos offered by manufacturers in several e-commerce sites. Here are tips that can be followed.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

First of all, first make sure the url of the site you are visiting. The link address must use https://.

Second, always use a website from a reputable brand that already has a pretty good track record, is well known and trusted.

Third, don't forget to avoid buying using computers and public Wi-Fi. Why? Because it is possible that malicious software has been inserted and the connection is not secure.

Fourth, you must also have a strong password/passphrase. If you can combine numbers, letters and special characters.

Fifth, never reuse or recycle passwords. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) whenever possible.

Finally, I want to remind you not to click on suspicious links.

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