Famous Scientist 'Incarnation' Charles Darwin Dies


Scientist Edward O Wilson died and caused grief in the scientific community. During this time, Edward is often referred to as the natural successor to the biologist who founded the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin.

This 92-year-old man died at his home in Burlington, United States. This was announced by the E.O Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, a conservation organization he co-founded in 2005. It did not say what caused his death.

"E.O Wilson is the holy grail in the pursuit of science. His bold scientific focus is changing the way we understand ourselves and our planet," said Paula Ehrlich, the foundation's CEO.

Edward O Wilson is professor emeritus at Harvard University and enjoys studying animals. He has written more than 430 scientific studies and described more than 400 species during his lifetime.

The scientist is also widely credited as the originator of sociobiology, the biology-based study of social behavior. In 1976, he was awarded the prestigious National Medal of Science.

"The world lost a true hero, Charles Darwin in the 20th century. He was an avid writer, a pioneering concept that was a breakthrough in biology and the great intellectual of our time," says actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

Wilson is known as a staunch environmental defender. In his book, Half Earth: Our Planet Fight for Life, published in 2016, he proposed that half of the Earth's surface should be dedicated to nature to prevent mass extinctions.

That is the basis for the creation of a program called the Half Earth Project with the aim of keeping half of the land and oceans on Earth cared for and continuously preserved in nature.

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