Finally PUBG: Battlegrounds Can Be Played Free on PC and Console


Krafton's Battle Royale, PUBG: Battlegrounds, is officially offered free to PC and console gamers around the world. Players can immediately enjoy on the platform made by Valve, namely Steam.

It's just that the transition made by developers from paid to free, is still in the process of adjustment. So, it is possible that each server has a different schedule. However, in Indonesia itself, fans can already have it for free, quoted us from Steam, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

As for the PlayStation platform and Google Stadia itself, it's not currently available. It's different when viewed on the official Microsoft Store page, where PUBG: Battlegrounds is already available for free. When referring to the schedule, its presence on the console is on January 12, 3.00 AM PT or around 15.00 WIB.

In an effort to give satisfaction, to old players who had previously paid a certain price to get this game, Krafton also worked around this by providing rewards, as well as free Battlegrounds Plus membership.

Where is a new product, which gives fans a way to complete their Battlegrounds experience. This is a one-time purchase and will include a wide variety of elements.

For existing players, the rewards from this shift will be automatically applied to their respective accounts. The conditions for getting the prizes and how to receive them vary on each platform.

As for new players who want to join, have to spend money worth USD 13 or around Rp. 185 thousand. Once officially combined, there will be various prizes that can be obtained, such as the following:

Survival Mastery XP + 100% boost

Career medal tab

Ranked mode

Custom match creator

Captain's Camo Hat

Captain's Camo Mask

Captain's Camo Gloves

1,300 G-coins

The transition of PUBG: Battlegrounds from paid to free, in accordance with the promise of the developer that was announced in December 2021. At the same time leaking several new events in it.

"As PUBG: Battlegrounds, which pioneered the battle royale genre and has grown to become the most influential gaming IP globally, this is the perfect time to transition to Free to Play (F2P) and welcome new players into the game," said CH Kim, CEP. Krafton Inc.

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