Congklak Game Explore the NFT World


Non-fungible token (NFT) based games are not only modern games, but also traditional games such as Congklak.

ASIX, a company owned by Anang Hermansyah's family, recently entered the NFT market and promoted traditional games through Indonesian Traditional Game. In it there are various games such as Congklak, Kites, Komodo Legends, to We Are Papua.

In addition, Anang will soon launch the AXIS token, as explained by Ashanty on The Hermansyah A6 YouTube account. "So these guys have never existed. ASIX tokens will soon start a private sale," said Ashanty.

Anang also explained that this token is a utility for game play to earn (P2E), NFT marketplace, and also metaverse, and purchases can be made via IDM Launchpad.

ASIX worked on these NFT games with IDM Co-op CEO MC Basyar. The token itself was released on Tuesday (11/1), and can be purchased in several ways.

"If you want to buy in private sale or presale, you can do it at IDM Launchpad. However, later it can be purchased at the developer," explained Basyar.

Basyar added, this ASIX token will be used to finance several projects. Including the five Indonesian P2E games.

"Currently, what is ready is the congklak and later we will create the largest NFT marketplace event in Asia. Because according to Mas Anang, the United Nations once said Indonesia is a superpower country in the field of culture, so that's where the idea came from," said Basyar.

He also ensures the security of the ASIX token because it has been registered with CoFTRA, and can eliminate public distrust of local tokens.

"It will eliminate public distrust of local tokens. Because when IDM launches the profits can be 30 times. It is very likely that ASIX can be 60 to 70 times," concluded Basyar.

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