Found Not a SpaceX Employee, This Man Killed His Parents


How depraved the behavior of this 23-year-old young man, he murdered both his parents viciously just because he was caught lying about working at SpaceX. How's the story?

Chandler Halderson, 23, still lives with his parents in Wisconsin, United States. Chandler claims that he has been working remotely at an insurance company and besides that, he is also finishing college.

In fact, he later claimed to have been accepted at SpaceX, Elon Musk's prestigious spacecraft company. His parents would be proud to hear that. Chandler also announced he would soon move in with his girlfriend and rent an apartment and buy a car.

In fact, it was all a lie. Chandler just plays games all day, doesn't go to school or work. To convince his parents, he pretends to have online meetings every morning.

Not only that, he forged dozens of emails that seemed to come from his campus. His father, an accountant, began to suspect that Chandler was still broke, but Chandler argued that there was a system error that prevented his salary from going into his account.

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But his father remained suspicious until finally to cover up his lies, he admitted he would soon work at SpaceX and would move to Florida. Suddenly he canceled the trip because he pretended to have a head injury after falling down the stairs.

His father finally called his college and found out that his son was lying not only about college, but about working at SpaceX. Crazy, after being confronted by his father, Chandler immediately shot him to death. Some time later, he also shot his mother.

Prosecutors called Chandler "absolutely vile" for mutilating the bodies of his parents, then dumping them in various locations to eliminate traces. Chandler's lawyers have called his client innocent, but the evidence is convincing and Chandler is now facing court proceedings.

"How can this be, a child with everything he has, a promising new job at SpaceX, a girlfriend who loves and wants to be with him, how can this happen? Yes, all of this is happening because nothing is true about it," he said. William Brown, the prosecutor.

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