AI Technology Makes Washing Clothes More Comfortable


LG brightened the CES 2022 event with the presence of smart household devices. One of the exhibits is a washing machine equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) which promises to make washing clothes more comfortable.

The device in question is called the LG WashTower. This South Korean vendor includes improvements to Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) technology.

"With the enhancement of LG's AI-powered technology and differentiation in advanced features, this laundry kit offers both better clothing care and less hassle at the same time management," said Lyu Jae-cheol, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company.

With the company's improvements to AI DD technology, the LG WashTower washer and dryer pair can provide customized performance that can detect laundry size, fabric type and material softness. Through this information, the machine will automatically add the amount of detergent and adjust the washing style to get the optimal level of cleanliness.

In addition, the latest LG washing machine is also equipped with Steam technology which provides clean and fresh washing results. While the increase in the comfort factor, one of which comes through the Smart Pairing feature which works to provide information from the washer to the dryer partner regarding recommendations for the most suitable clothes drying mode.

LG's first dryer equipped with AI DD offers an artificial intelligence-enabled drying cycle that can accurately control movement and automatically select the best settings for optimal fabric care that goes hand in hand with faster drying work.

AI technology also allows the device to recognize the user's washing routine and preferences to provide the right drying option every time. Meanwhile, the equipped infrared sensor accurately measures the temperature of the clothes in the middle of the drying process and makes various adjustments automatically to ensure the clothes get an even drying.

Unlike other washing machine and dryer combinations, Bluetooth connectivity allows both devices to be conveniently controlled from the washer's control panel.

Another development introduced by the Dual Heat Pump dryer, using AI DD provides better cleaning and freshening of clothes. Meanwhile, the dryer with LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump technology reduces energy consumption by drying at a low temperature through the existing cycle.

Having a lower overall height dimension than before, the LG WashTower saves space while also providing user comfort from the hassle of cleaning the narrow area between the ceiling and the device. LG applies a flat design that contributes to giving the laundry room a sophisticated yet minimalist look. This is also thanks to the Center Control panel which brings an aesthetic appearance with ease of use.

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