Get to know the Plasmacluster AC Ion Technology Sharp YHY Series


Sharp launched a new series of air conditioners (AC), namely the YHY series with capacities of 0.5 PK, 1 PK, and 1.5 PK. Having advantages over the basic series, YHY series air conditioners have an AIoT system, which can be operated through the Sharp Air App.

Through this feature, consumers can easily operate the air conditioner anytime and anywhere. All information about the air temperature and humidity in the room can also be known through the Sharp Air application. Equipped with a motion sensor, this air conditioner can also adjust the room temperature according to people's activities, which are detected from movement.

"AIoT is a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology with IoT (Internet of Things). Household appliances with AIoT technology are connected to AI internet computing so they can connect with your life," Sharp explained, quoted from, Monday (3/1). /2022).

In addition to new features, YHY series air conditioners are equipped with the advantages of Plasmacluster technology. Through the Plasmacluster Ion Generator, this AC can release positive and negative ions to provide extra benefits, because it can inhibit the growth of fungi.

Sharp's innovations through Plasmacluster technology have indeed proven effective in preventing viruses and microbes and making the air clearer and healthier. In fact, in a study conducted by Professor Hironori Yoshiyama of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty

Shimane University of Medicine and his team, Plasmacluster technology has been shown to be able to reduce infection with the COVID-19 virus.

Through this study, Sharp showed that the titer of Corona virus infection, including variant strains contained in human saliva, could be reduced by more than 99.4% by exposing Plasmacluster Ions for two hours at a humidity level of 60%. This number is the recommended condition for fighting viral infections.

"Based on the results of research conducted, it is proven that the effectiveness of Plasmacluster technology is verified to be able to reduce the titer of infection transmission including new variants by more than 99.4%. In the future, Sharp will continue to contribute to society by conducting various further studies regarding the effectiveness of Plasmacluster technology," explained the official statement. Sharp.

In addition to reducing viral infections, Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion technology also functions to reduce pollutants, bacteria, mold, cigarette smoke, and harmful substances, including bacteria that stick to clothes, room properties, to the corners of the room.

As a result, the air that is released is not only cold, but healthy and fresh. Until now, Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion technology has also been recommended by doctors to help reduce the spread of the virus in Japan and Korea.

In addition to Plasmacluster Ion technology, Sharp has also equipped the YHY series air conditioner with the Jetstream G7 cooling system. This system is able to cool the room up to 40 percent faster than AC in general.

Sophisticated again, the Coanda Flow system in this series is able to blow airflows of up to 15 meters throughout the room. Equipped with multiple long panels, this air conditioner can produce a strong flow of cold air so that it can lower the air temperature by as much as 5°C in five minutes. Sharp air conditioners can also be set to 14°C to the lowest temperature ever for an air conditioner manufacturer.

For consumers who want to have an energy-efficient air conditioner, the YHY series air conditioner can also be the solution. Designed using J-tech Inverter technology, this series is able to save power up to 65 percent by using Eco Function Mode so that it will help efficient use of electricity and prevent the room from getting too cold.

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