Ghozali Rich Thanks to NFT Photos, Success Makes Indonesia Shock

 Ghozali's story suddenly became rich because NFT selfie photos became a conversation throughout Indonesia. Will he continue taking selfies?

The young man whose real name is Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali (22) has been taking selfies every day since he graduated from SMK 5 Semarang or 2017 until 2021. He intends to make a timelapse of his changes, so he takes pictures with the same flat face.

"Actually, I took photos every day to make a timelapse animation five years later to become a video, I see," said Ghozali when we met him at his campus, Udinus Semarang, Thursday (13/1/2022).

He started studying NFT and studied it at the end of December 2021 then started uploading photos of himself just for fun. But unexpectedly it was in demand and he became an impromptu millionaire.

"Initially it was promoted by the Indonesian NFT community. Then foreign people joined in buying it, even chef Arnold bought it. He even bought it for 25, a photo of my face, hahaha," he said with a laugh.

The timelapse video that Ghozali made is ready and uploaded on Ghozali Ghozalu's youtube channel. But he will still reproduce his selfies until he graduates from college. The photo when wearing a toga will be the cover.

"This year I want to continue, I'm in the 7th semester, I hope I graduate this year, it's going to be cool, right, because at the beginning of the photo, I graduate from Vocational High School and I will eventually graduate from college wearing a graduation gown. Let there be a beginning and an ending," said Ghozali.

To note, the Ghozali Everyday account has shocked the country's social media. With just a selfie, he earned more than 1 billion rupiah through NFT. Our monitoring on Thursday (13/1), the cheapest Ghozali Everyday NFT collection is sold for 0.28 ETH or around Rp. 13.5 million. With a total of 933 collections, the valuation of Ghozali's NFT is almost Rp 12.6 billion.

"That's the total value of those who bought it, some say it's up to Rp. 12 billion. But for example, if someone buys Rp. 20 million, I get 10% and so on. The total income is around Rp. 1.5 billion," said Ghozali.

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