Message Just Look Up Ariana Grande: Listen to The Goddamn Scientists!


Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi sing a song in the science fiction film 'Don't Look Up' about the threat facing Earth. Although only fiction, there are important messages that seem to be taken from the song. When bad things happen to Earth: Listen to the goddamn qualified scientists!

If 'Don't Look Up' tells about the threat of a huge comet reaching more than 10 km that crashes into Earth and destroys life, actually humans must also be aware that there are many problems in front of us. Most visible is climate change which has a terrible impact.

Climate change or climate change has the impact of hotter temperatures as well as the threat of heat waves, more severe storms, terrible droughts, rising sea levels to the loss of species as well as food to survive.

To make matters worse, there are still those who do not believe in climate change. A survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the University of Chicago's Energy Policy Institute showed 10% of people in the United States do not believe this issue, 15% say they do not believe it.

Of the 75% who believed, 54% said they believed that what humans were doing was to blame for climate change. However, 14% believe climate change is something that occurs naturally or naturally, even though scientists have proven this theory to be a mistake. 32% believe it is a composite.

However, according to Pew Research, the number of people expressing concern about the threat of climate change around the world has increased since 2013 when the Pew Research Center first asked respondents if they saw it as a major threat to their country.

In 2013, a median of 56% in 23 countries said climate change was a major threat. In 10 countries, the number of people who see global warming as a major threat has grown by at least 10 percentage points.

For example 83% of people in France say global warming is a big problem, up 29 points from 54% in 2013. Mexico also experienced a similar increase, from 52% to 80% or 28 points.

In addition to global warming, other threats that Earth's people need to think about are waste management, the availability of clean water, and also hunger, which still threatens countries across the globe. That also includes the problem of the COVID pandemic that is still hitting.

Still want to dodge? In fact, there is already a lot of evidence that scientists have laid out on these issues. So please, listen to the goddamn qualified scientists!

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