It took 500 hours to finish Dying Light 2 Stay Human


Techland recently announced the launch of their newest game, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which will be released on February 4, 2022. It's just that there is quite horrendous news, they have confirmed that it will take up to 500 hours or about 20 days, if you want to finish the game. this up to 100%.

"Gamers need at least 500 hours. Almost the same time it takes, to walk from Warsaw to Madrid where it takes 534 hours," wrote Dying Light, quoted by us from social media, Monday (10/1/2021).

That's even if the player intends to complete all quests, endings and explore every corner that is served by Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Meanwhile, the developer himself emphasized that if gamers just want to finish the story and complete some side missions, it will take less than 100 hours.

Although the information regarding the completion time is quite surprising for fans, the reality is that many gamers are looking forward to Dying Light Stay Human. This was also revealed by Steam, showing that the game by Techland entered the Top 100 Wishlist in the second position.

A total of 251,594 have been waiting for its launch on Steam, which will land on February 5th. That number puts it below the Elden Ring, where it managed to garner 275,721 players.

Dying Light Stay Human itself, inserts the concept of a survival game from a first-person perspective. The objective is that the player must defend one of the human settlements, in the midst of the Dark Ages due to the virus outbreak that took him.

The price is priced in various categories. For standard, Deluxe and Ultimate versions. This game is indeed docked to Steam within the next three weeks. But fans can pre-purchase from now on.

Even so, don't forget to prepare a capable PC specification. At a minimum, it must be powered by an Intel Core i3-9100 or AMD Ryzen 3 2300X. Then it has 8GB of RAM memory. Then it is supported by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 560 4GB VRAM graphics card. Finally using Windows 7 64-bit and have as much as 60GB of storage space.

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