This iPhone is a Disgrace in Apple's History

 In the past, this iPhone actually had all the capital to become a phenomenal perfect smartphone. Unfortunately, this device actually tripped over a big problem.

iPhone 4 was introduced by Steve Jobs at Apple's WWDC event in early June 2010.

A number of improvements compared to its predecessor are present in this iPhone 4, one of which is its small size, slim, and feels comfortable in the hand. Even called iPhine 4 is the thinnest smartphone of its time. The design is classy too.

Don't forget the use of Retina Display on the iPhone 4 screen, which at that time became one of Apple's breakthroughs in its smartphone devices.

There is also a video chat feature known as FaceTime -- and is now very popular with iPhone users.

The existence of iOS 4, which was introduced in April 2010, makes the operation of the iPhone 4 even more special.

This is how FaceTime is tested on iPhone 4.

However, the iPhone 4 was not at all a perfect smartphone. It was later discovered that when held in the wrong way, this phone can be difficult to get a signal.

The problem of poor signal was widely transformed into an antenna or antennagate scandal. Apple and Steve Jobs even had to hold another official press conference in mid-July to calm the public, some time after the iPhone 4 went on sale on June 24, 2010.

Steve Jobs intervened directly on stage to provide an explanation of the antenna scandal on the iPhone 4.

Apple finally issued a special case or bumper to fix the antenna problem, which you can get for free. They were hit by about 18 lawsuits that essentially questioned the quality of the iPhone 4 antenna.

Apple even lost in court from consumers who sued the antennagate issue. The court asked Apple to fix the problem without charging a fee.

Whereas at first, the iPhone 4 was greeted with great fanfare. Photo: Getty Images

Powered by the A4 system-on-chip from Apple, the iPhone was also received positively thanks to its increasingly powerful innards. The combination of iOS 4 with multi-tasking functions makes this smartphone even more enthusiastic.

The enthusiastic response to the iPhone 4 is reflected in the 600 thousand pre-orders within 24 hours of its introduction. Apple and AT&T, which serve pre-order faucets, were overwhelmed until their sites went down several times.

But the antennagate problem tarnished the success of the iPhone 4 and remained discussed for years later. Overall apart from that, the iPhone 4 remains one of the most successful iPhone and most of its users claim to be satisfied using it.

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