LG Deploys 'Hercules' to Cool the Room Without Making Boncos

 Starting 2022, LG presents the New Hercules line of air conditioners on the market. This air conditioner is claimed to be able to save electricity so it doesn't make boncos.

Expanding the Standard AC line with low electricity consumption is our answer to the needs of the community, especially those with limited electrical power capacity.

In addition to 1/2 PK, AC New Hercules now comes in 3/4 PK and 1 PK options. The 1/2PK version has a cooling capacity of 5,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) with electricity consumption of only 370W.

All variants are provided with Turbo Cooling technology which makes the AC compressor work faster to cool the room simply by cooling the room with just one button.

Not to forget there is a compressor with freon R32. In addition to its non-flammable type, R32 freon has a reputation for being the most environmentally friendly today.

LG also brings advanced features Self Diagnosis (error code). As the name implies, this feature allows AC devices to recognize and notify various obstacles when the user finds abnormal operation by displaying an error code on the indoor air conditioner.

If there is a problem in the indoor section, the air conditioner will display a variation of the code E1, E2 or E3 which can be referred to as a marker of the specific problem the unit is experiencing.

The existence of the Self Diagnosis feature provides even though it is possible that the problem cannot be solved independently by the user, this feature prevents it from the possibility of improper repair efforts.

New Hercules AC is available in the market.

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