Two Police Fired For Fun Playing Pokemon Go

 Two cops from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) were fired in 2017 for playing Pokemon Go while on duty, and their appeals were recently rejected by a judge in California.

The behavior of the two police officers, Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, was revealed from a video recorded using a camera installed in their official car. Lozano and Mitchell are caught ignoring a friend's request for help.

Even though his partner was in a robbery situation near them. They even ignored the request for help and left the area.

When asked why they had not responded to the request for help, Lozano and Mitchell argued that the area they were in was so noisy that the radio could not be heard. However, their superiors didn't believe it and checked the dashcam installed in the car.

From there, it was revealed that they actually heard the request for help but didn't care because they didn't want to help, as quoted by The Verge.

It was later revealed from the footage that the two were actually busy talking about Pokemon Go, including Snorlax - one of the rare Pokemon - that appeared near their area. Lozano and Mitchell instead discuss the best way to catch Snorlax instead of helping his partner.

"For about 20 minutes, it was recorded that they were discussing Pokemon and then they moved to another location where the virtual creature appeared on their phone," the report said.

Both Lozano and Mitchell later denied the allegation that they were playing Pokemon Go and admitted that they were just chatting. They tried to appeal on the basis that the recording system in their vehicle should not be used to monitor private police conversations. But the Judge later rejected the appeal, and they were dismissed anyway.

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