List of Mobile Legends Heroes That Gamers Struggle in 2021


Moonton, as the developer and publisher of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, often presents the latest heroes every year. It's just that these cool characters have always been a struggle for the players.

The reason is simple, because every new hero that appears, has strong enough stats and abilities, to break the combat power during battle. As a result, to avoid being used by opponents, the fans of this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game decided to get banned for a fairer battle.

Because the game mechanics of each player, in using the characters presented are quite good. However, not only one is always the target. At least there are a variety of banned Mobile Legends heroes during 2021.

List of Hero Mobile Legends Banned 2021 Subscription












The list above will be different for each tier. Because based on our team's experience playing at Epic, Legend and Mythic are different for each banned list.

As a player, at least you have to know very well what heroes are dangerous, if used by opponents or know which counters should be prepared. Not to mention if you want to be a streamer, then choose Mobile Legends as the game you want to play.

Apart from entertaining the audience, you can at least educate them. By giving a reference to what hero should be banned and used, to gain a chance to win in ranked mode.

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