Samsung TV Remote Will Use Radio Frequency Energy

 In recent years Samsung has been actively working to make its TV remotes even more environmentally friendly. And now at CES 2022 Samsung has launched an updated Eco Remote that can charge from radio waves.

This remote was first introduced at CES 2021 which is capable of charging the battery with sunlight or with lights.

Reported by us from Ubergizmo, Tuesday (4/1/2022) this new ability of the Eco Remote is equipped with the ability to charge the battery using radio waves emitted by a WiFi router.

This capability adds to previously available battery charging methods, including solar energy.

Thus users will now have more ways to charge the battery and the remote battery will remain fully charged even when the room is not illuminated by a lot of light. This charging method has not been proven effective although it is an interesting idea.

In addition, information on the use of radio frequencies to charge batteries is not the first time circulating. This concept was widely circulated before this capability was used on mobile devices, so it's not really a new thing.

Samsung also says this remote will be made with the same recycled materials design as its predecessor. The latest model of this remote will also be available in a new color variant, namely white and still maintains a minimalist design.

This remote also has shortcut keys for Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Price Video, and Samsung TV Plus too. This new remote will ship with all of its 2022 TV lineup as reported by Gizmochina.

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