Microsoft Stops Production of Xbox One Console


Typically as consoles transition from one generation to another, companies will continue to make and sell the previous generation console for a period of time for gamers who may or may not want to buy a new console.

However, this does not apply to the Xbox One console, where Microsoft has certainly stopped manufacturing all Xbox One consoles.

The software giant initially discontinued the Xbox One X and Xbox One S digital before the launch of the Xbox Series X. However, it turns out that they had quietly stopped production of the Xbox One S at the end of 2020.

"To focus on producing Xbox Series X/S, we are ceasing production for all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020," said Cindy Walker, Senior Director of Xbox Console Products.

Microsoft's confirmation comes after Sony confirmed that it will still produce around one million PS 4 consoles in 2022, where Sony initially planned to end PS 4 production at the end of 2021.

Sony has confirmed that PS4 production is still ongoing, amid Microsoft and Sony meeting demand for their new Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles as they are currently struggling with a global chip and semiconductor crisis that has delayed product shipments.

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