PUBG Mobile Cheat Maker Fined USD 10 million


A group of hackers who have created a cheat for the Battle Royale game, namely PUBG Mobile, were asked to pay compensation of USD 10 million. According to the developers themselves, the funds will be used to create anti-cheat technology.

This happened after the hackers lost a court case. So the courts in the United States and Germany, decided in favor of Krafton Inc. and Tencent Games, to receive the amount of the fine from the suspect.

Not only did he have to pay the compensation that had been determined, but the defendant was also asked to reveal the process of making the cheat. Where it has damaged the justice of gamers in the game.

"Millions of players around the world are enjoying PUBG Mobile. We will ensure a level playing field for everyone. But unfortunately, the actions by hackers undermine the fairness of the game. This ruling sends a clear message, that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG Mobile," said Rick Li, PUBG Mobile Games Producer, Tencent Games, in the information we received.

Krafton Minu Lee, Head of PUBG Mobile Product Development, added that the publisher will continue to monitor the state of the game going forward. Because according to him, joy and fairness are the foundation of the PUBG Mobile experience.

"We will therefore continue to uphold our IP rights, with unwavering determination against anyone who attempts to desecrate or abuse it," Lee said.

PUBG Mobile itself, often eradicates players who use cheats in the game. As they did recently, where more than 900 thousand accounts were blocked for cheating.

"Starting from December 31, 2021 - January 6, 2022, we are following up on reports of using cheats or other illegal hacks. A total of 901,131 accounts turned out to be using cheats or other forms of cheating, which were carried out at various rank levels," wrote PUBG Mobile ID.

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