Reino Barack Doesn't Believe in Bitcoin, But Wants to Be Serious about Metaverse


Syahrini recently ventured into the metaverse world by releasing a Non-fungible Token (NFT) called 'Shahrini's Metaverse Tour', which later sold well.

Reino Barack, her husband, admitted that he was surprised that Syahrini's NFT was selling well.

"At Syahrini's NFT yesterday, I was positively surprised. I didn't think it would sell out. At that time we had 3-4 months, briefing, brainstorming, design. If you want to know, it was inspired by Japan anime, so the hijab is hyperbole, with the background of a house in Bogor, there are in the park, on a private jet," said Reino.

He also mentioned that in the future Princess Syahrini will also be present in three games collaborating with Binance, namely Rara, Glory Planet, and XWG.

Reino himself admits he doesn't believe in crypto money, especially about trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is because he is a typical investor who believes in fundamentals.

"I don't join (Crypto) because I don't believe in it. But is it not earning? Obviously, earning. I don't like it because it's rich in cheating life, you can suddenly become an overnight millionaire. I'm more a fundamental investor. I see studying companies, I understand numbers, understand books and news," explained the entrepreneur who is engaged in various types of business.

However, he admits that he believes and wants to take Metaverse and its derivatives seriously, and considers this digital business to be the future. Later, he would not want to buy crypto currency as well.

"About Metaverse, well it's happening. If you want to buy things in Minecraft later, you have to use Bitcoin, then Metaverse. Like it or not, I have to buy it too," he answered with a laugh.

In the realm of this metaverse, Reino also admits that he has plans that will be prepared for 2022. Because he thinks this Metaverse has a future because of the large amount of money Facebook has invested in the digital world.

"In Metaverse, I have something in mind. It's an amateur idea, hopefully it will be carried out smoothly," concluded Reino.

For information, NFT is a digital token that is linked to a large blockchain system. In other words, NFT is actually a digital asset in various forms, it can be photos, videos, and others. It's just that NFT cannot be exchanged, but can be traded.

Meanwhile, Metaverse is a digital tangible world that can replace the presence of the physical world in several ways, including working, playing games, buying and selling, building cities to watching shows. You could say, metaverse is mixed reality (MR), combining digital and the real world using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

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