Samsung Develops Smart Guitar With LED Guide


At CES 2022, Samsung is rumored to be introducing a new device in collaboration with C-Lab, namely an electric guitar.

This electric guitar called ZamStar is a blend of guitar and smartphone app designed for beginners who want to play guitar.

ZamStar consists of an app and a special guitar called ZamString. The idea is that users can play a part on a guitar, add effects, and then sync it with other musicians around the world.

This electric guitar is equipped with LEDs built into the fretboard itself which can be used to illuminate the required position for a chord or note.

This means that instead of trying to figure out the chord shape from online or a book, the user can simply place his finger where the LED is on.

The lights will also help guitarists figure out the chords they need to play a song, so just follow the lights and the user can pick the notes.

In addition, Samsung will also introduce Piloto which is an AI solution that helps children develop proper smartphone usage habits as reported by us from Engadget, Tuesday (4/1/2022).

The aim is to teach children self-regulation skills in the use of smart devices to help them make good choices.

Then also introduced Innovision which is an eye care system that can catch suspicious symptoms of strabismus and monitor the development status of visual abilities for babies.

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