The Strange Phenomenon of Rain Fish Stirs up Texas Residents


Rain is usually water, so if it were fish that fell from the sky, it would be very surprising. That's what happened, it rained fish in a town in Texas called Texarkaran.

Towards the end of 2021, residents of the city reported that they had seen several fish fall from the sky. "Everything is in 2021, including fish rain. This is no joke," the city government wrote on Facebook.

One resident named James said he was working at a used car dealership when he heard a loud noise outside. He was curious and checked it out.

"There was a loud bang of lightning and when I opened the door I looked outside and there was rain where the fish were falling and floundering below," he was quoted as saying by USA Today.

Other residents also reported that they also witnessed this rare phenomenon. Some even claim to see dozens of fish falling from the sky.

How did the rain of fish happen? Apparently small animals such as frogs, crabs or small fish can be swept away by a tornado and then fall back to Earth. Previously there had been a storm in the area.

"They get carried away by the wind and come back down like debris. The fish can come from anywhere, for example from Lake Texoma. And anything that goes up has to come down again," said Gary Chatelian, an expert with the National Weather Service.

A similar fish rain phenomenon also occurred last year in Yowah, Australia. Some residents there reported seeing fish falling from the sky like rain after a typhoon hit the area.

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