These 4 Things a Startup Must Have for Investors to Look at, What Are?


Startup has become a new business entity that develops along with technological advances. No doubt, the startup business is currently being eyed by big investors.

However, investors do not just choose startups to disburse large funds. They have their own preferences in choosing a startup to be developed. At least there are several things that investors see in a startup as reported by various sources, what are they?

Building the Right Team

The first key in attracting investors is to make sure your startup is surrounded by the right people. By having a qualified and appropriate team, it is not impossible for investors to start looking at startups.

Because, a great team has a good vision for the future to advance the business. This is what investors want, namely business certainty and a vision from a startup that is not gray.

When you have a clear vision, now is the time to focus on the results of your business. This is what makes an investor more interested in the business performance offered by a startup.

On the other hand, for startups that have just started selling software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, consider consulting as an alternative business model to raise funds in an effort to improve the product.

Take Advantage of the Network

If it is difficult to get investors, try to sell your startup by soft selling through your network or partner. Networking is a surefire way to make your startup business known to the investor market.

It could also be by participating in a networking event, an event that gives a person a great opportunity to meet other people in the startup industry. It is not impossible that there will be investors who secretly glance at your startup.


When you get an investment, never cover up your financial statements. Open to investors from the smallest to the largest expenses. This transparency is needed by an investor.

Continue to update financial reports to investors on a regular basis. Later, you can get feedback from investors and that's when you can talk about the status of the company and what its future goals will be.

Those were some of the ways that you can do before opening a startup so that later it can be glimpsed by investors. It is not easy to get funding from venture capital for startups.

Moreover, the business is not yet developed enough. The reason, investors are more interested in businesses that are already running or visible results.

Even so, the competition is a shortcut for fulfilling today's startup funding. This method can be obtained through MM New Ventures Innovation.

The MM New Ventures Innovation program from Prasetiya Mulya University facilitates those of you who want to get investors for startups through wide competition.

Students are actively encouraged to take part in competitions, both internal and external to the campus. Students are also fully supported through special mentoring sessions from Faculty Members, access to data, and journals in e-libraries.

In addition, it provides project-based learning opportunities and facilitates the application of theory in working on cases.

This program is dedicated to anyone who aspires to build a startup business or those who want to develop a business that has already been started. This program teaches students to have a business motivation that has an impact on the wider community.

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