This Drop Out Youth Earns USD 1.3 million Per Month from Bitcoin


This young man chose to drop out of college because he wanted to mine Bitcoin and also run a related business. Although not enviable, he currently claims to be successful with his choice and has made a lot of money.

John Paul Baric from Austin, Texas, bought $1,400 worth of Bitcoin in 2012 while he was still in school. At that time, crypto money was still not popular. At night, he trades Bitcoin while pretending to study.

Then in 2017, he started buying devices to mine Bitcoin which he put in the basement of his parents' house. At that time, he had just started studying at North Carolina State University.

But after feeling quite successful with the Bitcoin business, John decided to drop out of college. "The idea to create a Bitcoin mine came in 2013 when my English teacher assigned us to create a business plan," he tells us, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"After the plan was completed, I started buying graphics cards from eBay and running the machine at my parents' house. My parents supported the whole process. They knew I would be fine without college," she claims.

After that, he started selling Bitcoin mining equipment and his income exceeded USD 2 million. Having enough capital, John started renting his own building to run his business.

Initially, he focused on college. "But when Bitcoin became popular, I wanted to focus completely. I rented a warehouse and recruited my friends for sales and support," he said.

The facility now generates around USD 40 thousand per day or USD 1.3 million per month. There are 1,300 computers that are operated and there are 23 employees there.

John, who is now 24 years old, is also fairly wealthy. He also bought a luxury car Lexus RC 350. But most of the money was turned back to develop the Bitcoin business.

"The money I earn allows me to travel anywhere and eat impressive dinners. I'm also happy that my company has a positive impact on employees, consumers and fans. Most of my time is now focused on expanding the Bitcoin business," said John.

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