This Month Something Made In China


China has long created what it dubs as an artificial sun in the form of the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) fusion energy reactor. Now, the country's scientists have also created an artificial Moon.

The artificial moon is used for research purposes, simulating a low-gravity environment. Li Ruilin, one of the designers from the China University of Mining and Technology said the facility would be inaugurated in the coming months.

As quoted by us from the Independent, Friday (14/1/2022) the artificial moon is in an airtight room, with a diameter of 60 centimeters. The actual Moon is 3,474 kilometers in diameter.

The conditions are made as close as possible to the condition of the Moon, both rocks and dust. In addition, there is also a magnetic field strong enough to lift small objects such as nuts or frogs.

"Some experiments such as crash tests only take a few seconds to perform in this simulator. But others can take several days," said Li.

This artificial lunar facility allows scientists to test equipment in a lunar-like environment so that when it is built it can minimize errors.

China has launched several probes on the Moon. The Chang'e rover mission, stationed on the far side of the Moon, was successful in bringing rock samples to Earth, but apparently the numbers were off target because the drill wasn't working properly.

Well, with experiments on the artificial Moon, it is hoped that such events can be avoided in the future. This simulator can also be used to test whether 3D printers can be used to build structures on the Moon.

On the other hand, the Sun made in China is designed to mimic fusion reactions like the Sun using hydrogen and deuterium gases as fuel, EAST will open up insights into plasma physics research that is critical to building industrial-sized reactors, to produce clean energy.

Fusion energy is considered the ideal 'ultimate energy' for a carbon-neutral energy future because hydrogen and deuterium gases are abundant in the ocean. So complete, China already has an artificial Sun and Moon.

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