What is a Brookhaven Room on Roblox that can have an adult scene


A Youtuber named Olympus Stuff, accidentally caught two players in the Roblox game, who were about to perform an indecent scene. This takes place in a game mode called Brookhaven RP.

Through a video that he uploaded on his Youtube channel, showing two male and female characters in a room. Then through the glass-lined door, Stuff began to see activities that were not suitable for display for children, quoted us, Thursday (13/1/2022).

This is because Roblox is a game that is intended for players aged 7 years and over, who have not yet reached their teens. Then users can play all the game modes that are offered. So, what is the Brookhaven RP room? Let's look at the following brief explanation.

Brookhaven Roblox

Gamers will play in a simulated world like The Sims, with a maximum of 18 players on one server. It's just that, all the necessities in it, can be obtained very easily. Take, for example, if you want to drive a private car, then you don't need to spend some digital money to be able to have it.

Not only that, but including all types of vehicles, clothes, accessories to even homes. Everything can be obtained for free, just choose from the available menu.

This room was developed by a developer with the nickname Wolfpaq on April 21, 2020. He has actually created various modes, such as Criminal vs. Swat, Rokadia, Paint Ball, Mad Dreams, Iron Sights, Time Bandits and the best seller Brookhaven RP.

It was noted that when this article was written, more than 200 thousand players were actively playing it. The rating is also quite good, touching the percentage of up to 86% of the 2.8 million gamers who gave an assessment.

But unfortunately, there are some users who misuse freedom in the game. As Stuff discovered, he instead found players doing adult scenes with game characters on Roblox.

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