Ghozali Gets IDR 1.5 Billion from Selfie NFT, What do you want the money for?

 Ghozali, a student from Semarang went viral and earned around Rp 1.5 billion from selling NFT selfie photos. What do you want the money to do?

The young man named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali (22) said the sale of his selfie photos on OpenSea in rupiah was around Rp. 1.5 billion. The money is not for spree but he will invest. In addition, he also aspires to have an animated video.

"My total income, I have received a total income of more than Rp 1.5 billion. In the future, the money will be used to invest again. I hope that after graduation I will work in an animation studio to seek experience and continue to make my own animation studio," said Ghozali at his campus, Dian Nuswantoro University ( Udinus) Semarang, Thursday (13/1/2022).

His dream was related to his studies at Udinus. Ghozali is now listed as a 7th semester student of the Faculty of Computer Science, Udinus D-4 Animation Study Program. What's unique is that he hasn't spoken to his parents about his income.

"Honestly, I don't have the courage to tell my parents. Later, they will be asked where this (money) comes from," said Ghozali, laughing.

Since it went viral, a number of parties have tried to contact, including Chef Arnold, who bought the NFT. On average, he wanted to help Ghozali manage his finances, because according to him, he was busy with NFT, it only lasted a week.

"Later, how do you want to help with the money. In my opinion, it only lasts a week at most. So after that I can transfer the money," said Ghozali.

For information, Ghozali Everyday has shocked the social media of the country. With just a selfie, he made billions of rupiah through NFT. Our monitoring on Thursday (13/1), the cheapest Ghozali Everyday NFT collection is sold for 0.28 ETH or around Rp. 13.5 million. With a total of 933 collections, Ghozali's NFT business is worth almost Rp 12.6 billion.

"That's the value of the total who bought it, some say it's up to Rp. 12 billion. But for example, if someone buys Rp. 20 million, I get 10% and so on. The total income is around Rp. 1.5 billion," said Ghozali.

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