Apple Watch Delays Attendance for Glucose and Blood Pressure Sensor Features


In early 2021 Apple was rumored to be providing a blood sugar monitoring feature on its Apple Watch, this was revealed after a SEC filing for British startup Rockley Photonics revealed a significant relationship with Apple.

Rockley Photonics is a British medical company that designs sensors to monitor a person's blood using infrared light.

The sensors are said to be capable of monitoring elements that are only possible through specialized medical equipment, including blood glucose and alcohol levels.

Not only that, Apple is also reportedly going to introduce a blood pressure sensor. But unfortunately these two features will reportedly not be present in the near future.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in his latest Power On newsletter, he claims that these features will not roll out on the next generation Apple Watch as previously reported.

He said if the blood sugar monitoring feature would arrive in the second half of the decade meaning it would be there in 2025 would be the earliest.

The same is said about blood pressure measuring devices, where Gurman estimates it will take at least the next 2-3 years for this feature to be presented.

Because of this, other competitors like Samsung have introduced blood pressure monitoring with their latest smartwatches.

However, the drawback is that users have to constantly calibrate it with an actual blood pressure monitor, so maybe later Apple can provide the best solution and way for Apple Watch users.

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