John Terry Praises Roman Abramovich on Twitter Triggers Pro Cons



Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and sanctions from various countries, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich decided to sell the club. Former Chelsea captain, John Terry also praised Roman, but even received criticism from netizens.

In a post on Twitter, John Terry showed his pose with Roman holding a trophy. Captions written from him are the best or the best.

It is considered by some netizens as insensitive because Roman is said to have a special relationship with the Russian regime. Moreover, the Ukrainian people are suffering because of the invasion from Russia.

"You, John Terry, are a disgrace to the British uniform," one netizen lamented. “Most people already know about your morals, but football is no more important than the death of their innocent,” said another.

"I can see John Terry wearing a Chelsea uniform to celebrate when Russia invades Ukraine," the comment went on.

Chris Bryant, a British MP from the Labor Party, reminded Terry that his boss had killed many people in Ukraine.

"I think you should remove this tease as soon as possible. Ukrainians are being bombed, shot, and killed as you celebrate Abramovich," he teased.

However, there are also those who defend Terry and Roman. "He is grateful for Roman's 19 years of owning Chelsea and they play a role in Chelsea's history. Roman did not start a war against Ukraine," defended a netizen.

"Just because he's a Russian, doesn't mean he's a bad guy. He's a good Chelsea owner," defended another.

Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003, and turned the West London club into a new power in Europe. A total of 21 trophies can be won, including 5 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 2 Champions League trophies, 2 Europa League trophies, up to the European Super Cup and the Interclub World Cup. John Terry himself played an important role in all those achievements.