The Existence of the American Doomsday Plane for the Threat of Nuclear War


The Doomsday Plane or the Doomsday Plane belonging to the United States, was observed flying again. This aircraft is in action when there is a threat of nuclear war.

The public only knows the United States VVIP plane called Air Force One. But in fact there is another called Doomsday Plane. This is a plane to protect top American officials, in the event of a nuclear attack.

Reported from the Daily Mail, Friday (4/3/2022) Doomsday Plane is a Boeing 747 E-4B modified specifically for the needs of the war atmosphere. Not any war, but a nuclear threat.

Well, this plane is known to fly again from Lincoln Air Force Base, Nebraska on Monday (28/2) night for 4 hours for training flying. That's why the public is asking if America faces the threat of nuclear war from Russia.

The Doomsday Plane action took place to coincide with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia is known to have nuclear weapons. That is why, the public associates these 2 events.


The Pentagon declined to comment to the media. However, what can the public learn from this aircraft in terms of the world of aviation and its technology?

For aviation technology observers, the Boeing 747 E4-B is a unique and exciting aircraft. The aircraft is the flying base for the U.S. President, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Joint Military. That does not include other related officials.

This plane can fly non -stop for 35.4 hours and can refuel while flying. In fact, this plane is designed to be able to fly 7 days without landing!

Because it is designed to withstand nuclear war, this aircraft has some unique features. Most importantly, this aircraft uses an analog system, no digital devices because it will be paralyzed by electromagnetic wave (EMP) attacks due to a nuclear explosion.

This plane also has a kind of hump like a camel's hump on the back of the plane. It is the Ray Dome, which contains 67 satellite dishes and antennas for communication. The aircraft also features 18 beds and 6 bathrooms.

Boeing 747 E4-B 'Doomsday Plane' Specifications

Release: 1980

Length: 70.5 meters

Wing span: 59.7 meters

Height: 19.3 meters

Empty weight: 190 tons

Full weight: 360 tons

Jet engine: 4 X General Electrics CF6-50E2 Turbofans

Maximum speed: 523 knots (969 km/h)

Cruising speed: Mach 0.84 (895 km/h)

Cruising power: 11,000 km

Durability: 150+ hours

Maximum flying altitude: 45,000 feet / 14,000 meters

Crew: Maximum 112 people

Features: Ray Dome (67 satellite dishes and antennas), in -air refueling, EMP -resistant analog cockpit instruments

Price: USD 200 million

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