5 Advantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Powerful Tablet


Carrying a giant screen, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is widely ordered in the market. Even so, the standard Galaxy Tab S8 is no less attractive.

The performance is not as fast as the Tab S8 Ultra version, but priced at a more affordable price. So it fits for you who have a low budget .

There are a number of other advantages that the Galaxy Tab S8 has. You can see below:

5 Advantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

1. More Compact Design

Galaxy Tab S8 has the most compact design than its two brothers, resulting in easier to call mobile. Its dimensions are 253.8 x 165.3 x 6.3 mm with a weight of 503 grams.

The look is no less premium, combining a metal frame with flat edges. The screen bezel is made thin, making this 11 -inch tablet feel flat.

2. Performance

Looking for a compact gahar tablet, this Galaxy Tab S8 could be the choice. Samsung capitalized on its kitchen with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which is the fastest chipset made by Qualcomm.

The chipset is made with 4 nm fabrication that promises speeding performance but still saves power. In addition it provides support for fast WiFi 6E and 5G connections.

The battery installed in it has a capacity of 8,000 mAh so it can supply power for daily use. If you want to run out, users can recharge quickly thanks to fast charging 45W.

3. S Pen

The Galaxy Tab S8 is also equipped with the S Pen which is already in the sales package. With a latency of 6.2 ms create a seamless scratching experience when sketching.

The S Pen will facilitate video editing using LumaFusion. Or you can draw and paint using Clip Studio Paint.

4. Work Hard Play Hard

The Galaxy Tab S8 is reliable for working and enjoying entertainment. Samsung provides a series of features to help productivity.

For multitasking provided Multi-active Windows. This feature allows users to open three applications in one screen.

Users can turn the Galaxy Tab S8 into a second portable monitor when connected to a Windows laptop. This tablet has an enhanced Samsung DeX that provides a desktop experience that can display application windows transparently and mirroring when you want to share the tablet screen to an external screen.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series is also protected by the Samsung Knox Vault platform to encrypt personal data and keep files and information isolated from the device's main operating system, thus protecting it from various attacks. The Galaxy Tab S8 has a fingerprint scanner that integrates with the power button.

Not to be outdone, Samsung also released the Galaxy Tab S8 Book Cover Keyboard for easier typing.

For entertainment, the 11 -inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels will pamper the eyes while enjoying video content. In order to maximize the enjoyment of entertainment provided four speakers with a touch of AKG and support Dolby Atmos.

5. More Affordable Prices

Samsung opened pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab S8 until March 3, 2022. The price of this tablet is quite affordable,

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