5 Activity Ideas While On Vacation With Friends, From Free To Fit Pockets!


After being tired of working five days a week, the weekend must be the day you've been waiting for the most, right? In today's terms, you need healing. Healing on weekends is useful for refreshing the mind and refreshing our bodies that have been tense at work, so we can relax for a moment, relieve stress from work in the office, and get excited again to face the days ahead.

Moreover, soon we will get a fairly long holiday during Eid later. Apart from celebrating the holidays and staying in touch with family, maybe someone has planned to spend time with their bestie, right? Well, who said vacations have to go traveling and are expensive? Here are some recommended activities that you can try together without spending a lot of money. Let's see!

1. Movie Marathon

This activity doesn't have to cost a lot and can be done at home. Just subscribe to Netflix, WeTV, or Viu, you can already watch movies and dramas that are included in the must-watch list with your bestie. Just provide snacks and sodas.

Guaranteed not to be bored and hungry while watching!

2. Sports Together

Spending time with your bestie doesn't just have to eat or hangout, but you can be productive and healthy together. Besides being able to chat and exchange stories, exercising together makes you feel less tired and without realizing it, your body has been sweating a lot and getting fitter, you know.

One of the benefits of exercise can improve mood because the physical activity you do can stimulate various brain chemicals that can make you happier, relax, and reduce anxiety. In addition, jogging, yoga, cardio, cycling, playing badminton, and swimming can be recommended sports that you do together.

3. Picnic in City Park

One of these activities can be your best choice to refresh and relax your mind, you know. Seeing green scenery, breathing fresh air, and spending time together by chatting casually with friends can reduce stress due to work.

Well, for those of you who live in the capital and feel lonely, don't worry! Jakarta also has a beautiful and green urban forest, to be precise in the GBK area. You and your bestie only need to bring snacks, drinks, and a place to sit. Don't bother.

4. Go to Cheap and Free Places

Now for those who are bored with activities at home and need entertainment outside, but still on a budget, you can really try one of them at the National Museum or National Library. For the National Museum, the price is still in the range of Rp. 5 thousand. With a very cheap price, you can see the collection and richness of Indonesian culture, you know. Not only spending vacation time together, but you also get new knowledge and insights!

While National Library, you only need to register on the website provided because there is no entry fee. However, each visit is limited, so make sure to register first!

Well, here you will find a variety of books. There are textbooks to novels too, you know. For those who like to read and want to watch the National Library of Indonesia, you can do that! This activity is really cool. Very useful yes.

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