Inevitably, these are 4 ways intelligent people deal with problematic people


There are many things that we face every day, both at home, at work, and in social circles. Mostly, what we face comes from other people, whether their words or actions, but for sure, all of them have the potential to ruin our day.

If that's the case, one thing you need to realize is that you can't control what other people say, attitudes, and traits to you, but you can control your response to them. So, you have a choice, namely to serve or leave it.

It's the same if you meet problematic people in your life. You can find complainants, challengers, and dissidents anywhere. However, with the right way, you can deal with it without wasting energy.

First, you can be calm or stay cool, because by having self-control, you will have a lot of energy to manage the situation. Second, consider whether they are worth keeping for you.

Furthermore, you can show a proactive rather than reactive nature. Next, take a look at the tips compiled from Psychology Today below.

Separate People from Problems

There are two elements that occur when you are dealing with problematic people, namely your relationship with problematic people and the problems you face from them.

As a good communicator, intelligent people will separate people from problems, and be gentle with the other person and firm on the issue. Soft attitude will make others more open to express their feelings.

Don't be afraid to fight

The general pattern of problematic people is aggressive. They like to pay attention to make you uncomfortable. Usually, they pay more attention to the mistakes you make than how you solve the problem.

To deal with this, intelligent people usually highlight what the problematic person said, then ask questions. For example, a problematic person says "you are very stupid.", instead of being sad, you can reply with:

"If you treat me disrespectfully, I won't talk to you anymore. Is that what you want? Just tell me and I'll decide if I want to stay or leave."

Divert His Attention

You can also neutralize negative energy in problematic people by changing the topic of conversation. You can use "By the way..." bridging to start a new topic. If successful, take over the flow of communication, and set a more constructive tone.


There are times when being proactive doesn't always work, so all you have to do is deal with it by showing your strengths and your values.

Intelligent people make sure they are in a position where they can safely protect themselves, whether that's standing up for themselves, enlisting the presence of others to witness and support, or perpetuating the bully's inappropriate behavior.

Broadly speaking, the way intelligent people deal with problematic people is how they master the art of communication. When you use this skill, you may experience less grief. On the other hand, your self-confidence will be greater.

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